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Plasting Welding Repairs For Motorbike Fairings

Plastic weld on CBR mirror mount
Missing Mirror Mount Remade

What Can Be Fixed

We work with all plastics, fiberglass,metal and even rubber fairings (old BMW's). This includes fixing cracks breaks, missing plugs, lugs and dents. Sometimes we might recommend getting a new part when its a extensive repair and we will let you know up front

How long does it take

Typically (ABS,PP or Other Rigid plastic) can be done while you wait 30 mins to an hour or two.

How much does plastic welding cost

Most parts are within $50-$80. Whole bikes and restorations can range from $150 - $350 as old plastics become brittle and crack alot more

Why plastic weld

Plastic welding or hot fusion repair is the best and quickest method for repairing cracks and breaks on common motorbike plastics (ABS,PC,PP,PE ect). Because the weld reaches full strength within minutes of being complete it can be bent and the strength tested immediately and will not come undone due to temperature solvents or reactive chemicals later on, unlike some glues and epoxies.

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