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Motorbike spray painting

cm 250 wreck custom paint job
cm 250 after
How much does it cost to paint my bike?
  • Cruisers & Nakeds $450 - $600
  • Sports bikes $800-$1200
  • Damage repair $50-$250 (fiberglass/plastic/metal welding ect)
  • Disassembly and Reassembly of fairings $150-$350 depending on complexity depending on your familurality with tools you may want to do this yourself.

Please remeber this is a guide and prices will fluctuate depending on your specific bike the amount of damage and graphics required.

What about all the damage to my bike
We can repair fairing both plastic and fiberglass more details can be found here at plastic fairing repairs
What about custom work?
It really depends what you want. Best to ring or come in and have a chat. We can do diffrent effects as well as computer cut and printed decals. Only thing we dont do is alot of free hand air brush work
What paints do u use?
  • 2 pack urathane, same paints that are used on all late model cars and bikes. We can work with enamels and acrylics for restoration projects aswell but dont recommend them.
  • Paints used are manufactured by Protec
  • We will use solid and clear/base systems where approprate.
Im ready what do i do?

Give us a call and arrange a time to come in. We are avalible late afternoon and Saturdays for pickups and drop offs.



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