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How To Aluminium & Metal Polishing

  • This is basicly the same process as preping, cutting and buffing paint. It may be needed if u are considering nickle coating or chroming a part removing scratches or rust from aluminium/steal or just makin that bit of aluminium shine.
  • Be aware that most aluminium parts have a protective clear anodised coating, sanding cutting and buffing will remove this coating and leave it open to oxidisation requireing a sealant via wax or paint to keep it prtected
  • Can be applied to plastic (substituting approprate polish), alloys and metals to fix repairs and polish
  • You will need 400grit & 800grit wet and dry sandpaper, cutting compound (solid bar or liquid) and applicator which is normaly a felt or cloth wheel can also we a foam pad and the corresponding power tool.



  • Clean the part, scoure pad is the way to go using some strong thinners or De-oxidiser (dont use oven cleaner it will eat Aluminium if left on)
  • Remove anything you can bolts lugs ect

Sand & Prep

  • Start with the sanding using aprox 350-600 grit wet & dry sand paper keep going till its a good consistant finish
  • Move up to 800 Grit Sand paper or the course or medium course cutting compound which is normaly in block form. This should give you most of the shine.
  • Finish with a fine cutting compound using a seprate applicator


  • Using a paint made for use directly for metal, the metal will loose some of its shine but the surface will be maintanace free.
  • Anodisation can be used for aluminium but its difficult
  • Use a wax/silcon based polish to seal and protect the metal for oxidisation this will give a better looking finish but on aluminium it will be have to be constanyly mainted.

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